Bill Gates and Family Banned From Using Apple Products

Technological innovator and philantrophist Bill Gates, his wife and his family, including adopted children, are not allowed to purchase, own or use any Apple products. Melinda Gates, the wife of Bill Gates, said that they are already have superior technology with Microsoft, but she had been tempted to get an Apple Product herself. Bad press or not, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are on good terms despite heavy rivalry in the technology market.


No Win No Fee Accidents May Become Non-Existent

Since 2013, legal professionals in the United Kingdom had been contesting against the reduction of at least £200 million from the £2 billion taxpayer-funded legal aid for the UK industry. According to specialists, it could affect legal services quality and significantly reduce the number of no win no fee accident claims management companies. Remaining companies may have to charge up-front fees as well.

First Virtual Chess Player Was Built in 1914

Renowned Spanish engineer and inventor Leonardo Torres Quevedo designed algebraic machines during the early 1900s. Along with all his remote control device inventions and engineering feats, he was also the first to create a competitive, virtual chess player during 1914, to which he created a perfect mechanical player in 1920.



Charlie Sheen Thought Snuff Movie Was True

Charlie Sheen believed a Japanese gore film was a true snuff film. The Flower of Flesh and Blood portrayed an actual disembowelling of a woman who was drugged by a Samurai fanatic. Sheen reported it to the FBI, who confirmed with the Japanese government that it only used special effects to portray its scenes, leading to the movie’s notoriety.


Apollo 11 Mission Verified Alien Life

Three days during the Apollo 11 Mission, the mission crew actually reported a strange flying object from their location. Originally assumed to be a part of a SIV-B rocket, a report that said the object was 6,000 miles away had left the mission crew in great shock.

An Olympic Sized Scandal

imagesThe Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Claims scandal in the UK is set to cost banks in excess of £25billion… thats almost 2.5 times the cost of the 2012 London Olympics. The average payout is currently £2,750 and its estimated that nearly 30million policies were mis-sold!

A Presidents Salary

images’s annual salary as the first President of the United States was $25,000.  When the salary is adjusted for modern inflation rates, the sum translates to about $1 million per year.  It has said that Washington used approximately 7% of his Presidential income on the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Capital Since 1800

imagesEven though the United States became its own country in 1776, Washington, D.C. has only been its capital since 1800.  The U.S. technically had eight different cities serve as its capital during that 24-year span: Philadelphia; Baltimore; New York City; Lancaster, PA; York, PA; Princeton, NJ; Trenton, NJ; and Annapolis, MD.

Mark Twain

imagesAmerican writer and humorist Samuel Langhorne Clemens started out as a steamboat pilot, guiding ships up and down the Mississippi River until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.  One of the nautical terms that was used to measure river depth ended up being his pen name – Mark Twain.

William Howard Taft – Chief Justice to President

imagesWilliam Howard Taft is the only United States President to also serve as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  He served as Chief Justice after his term as President concluded.  He is also the first President to throw out a baseball on Opening Day, starting the tradition in 1910.